Fiber Gummies

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What are Adult Fiber Gummies?

Adult Fiber Gummies are vitamin and fiber-rich dietary supplement gummies. They're a quick and easy method to get more fiber in your diet without having to drink pills or mix any powder. Fiber Gummies provide 6 grams of dietary fiber per serving to help you meet your daily fiber requirements. The prebiotic chicory root in these gummies helps in the feeding of natural bacteria in the intestines. Because it has a zero glycemic index, it does not affect the blood sugar levels (as much as each serving contains 2g of sugar). That Adult Fiber Gummy is Organic & Gluten Free.

Improves Metabolic Health 

Due to the viscosity of gel-forming fibers (e.g., psyllium, glucan), the presence of fiber inside the small intestine promotes metabolic health, (e.g, lowering cholesterol, enhanced glycemic management). Fiber can have a laxative effect in the large intestine in the case where (a) it resists fermentation and remains intact all through the large intestine, and (b) it raises the percentage of water content in the stool to soften/bulk it (e.g., psyllium and wheat bran).

Improves Digestive Health 

Further research has shown that Fiber Gummies from Vitamin World improve our overall digestive health, ease constipation, aid weight loss, and regulate blood sugar metabolism.Insoluble fiber relaxes and bulks up stool, making it easier to pass and preventing the formation of anal fissures and hemorrhoids that can occur when passing hard stools. Therefore, consuming Adult Fiber Gummies regularly, is a pathway to help your digestion.