Beard Oil

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What is Beard Oil?

Scented Beard oil is a masculine cosmetic product with a beautiful scent, that nourishes both the skin beneath your beard and the bear itself, keeping it soft, glossy, and silky. Scented Beard oil is a blend of essential oils and carrier oils that replicates the natural oils (sebum) from the skin. Organic Glacier Beard Oil contains 9 nutrient-rich oils that promote hair growth and benefit skin and hair health. d oil is normally scented (In as much as there is an unscented version) with a variety of environmental and artificial aromas varying from sweet to bitter. Beard oil has the potential of being used as a cologne or aftershave alternative.

Nourishes Your Hair to Grow Well 

Beard oil provides nourishment to the hair, prevents split ends, and strengthens the hair follicles. If you have spotty hair growth, beard oil can assist. It supports healthy skin and also help hair follicles develop, preventing ingrown hair.

Prevents Itchiness and Dandruff in The Beard 

The skin behind the beard will be moisturized, and the irritation and dandruff will be reduced. Beard itch, its sidekick, beard dandruff, are caused by dry and damaged skin. Excessive itching, the dry, clogged pores underneath the hair are the causes of dandruff.