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The Restorative Superfruit


Phyllanthus emblica

The Amla Berry is a revered Ayurvedic superfruit packed with vitamin C equivalent to that of twenty oranges. Indian Gooseberry, as itโ€™s commonly called, is known to provide holistic benefits to the mind and body, particularly the immune system. As an adaptogen, the Amla promotes healthy responses to physical, emotional, and environmental stress.


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May Control Cholesterol

Research suggests that
supplementing your diet with Amla may lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol, improving blood fat profiles.

May Promote Hair Growth

There have been studie conducted, to provide evidence that the fruit may help fight dandruff and inhibit a specific enzyme contributing to hair loss.

Helps Fight Effects of Aging

Amlaโ€™s high doses of vitamin C and antioxidants that may help slow down the aging process, guarding the skin against wrinkles

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Product Details

Dosage may vary according to need, but at least 250 to 500 milligrams daily can provide safe and beneficial effects for those taking this herb. You can take two capsules per day with meals or as per the instructions of a healthcare professional.


Organic Amla (Phyllanthus emblica) 500mg with Vegan Capsules